Send search options that aren't in the database


I have a created_at field.

I want to send the created_start and created_end to do something like.

created_at >= created_start

created_at <= created_end

but i receive the /Developer/YII/framework/db/ar/CActiveRecord.php(129): CComponent->__get("created_start")

how can i send those search atributes and get on the search method.

$criteria->compare(‘created_at’,’>=’, $this->created_start,true);

$criteria->compare(‘created_at’,’<’, $this->created_end,true);


In your model, add

public $created_start;

public $created_end;

Thanks, now it seems that in the other side i dont receive the param correctly.

There’s a way to debug the data received on the search method and send to a file?



Thanks ppl

Hmmm maybe you need also to add them in the safe array in your model validation rules? How did you finally solve it please?