Send Form Data To The Next Page

Hi everyone!

My question is easy for many of you but i´m getting crazy:)

I just want to collect some info from user without saving it in the DB and make it appear in the next page

I have been following the deffinitive guide of yii and I suspect that it is related with "collecting tabular input" in and I checked a lot of other posts but I don´t manage to make it work.

can anybody help me figure it out?

thanks in advance

On form submit and verification, use session to store the verified data.




Thank you PeRoChAk, I see

so the controller must contain






and in that view "view2"

<?php echo Yii::app()->session['X']; ?>

is that right??

Yes your code should work.

Thank you two for your help, the app wasn´t working but now it is.

the code was well in view and controller, but it wasn´t in the model, because I hadn´t defined any rule for the atributes and somehow it was incompleted.

have a nice day