Send data with ajax in drop down list

This is a drop down list:

$ajaxOpt = array(



			'data'=> 'js: $(\'#model_status option:selected\').val()',

			'update' => '#result',

				)					)); ?>

<?php echo $form->dropDownList($model,'status',array(1=>'one',4=>'four',2=>'two',3=>'three'),array(

					'options' => array($model->status => array('selected'=>'selected')),

					'ajax' => $ajaxOpt,

I want sent data if value="4" and not each selected value. How can do this?



		if(jQuery('#status').val() == '4')


		jQuery.ajax({'url':'"<?= $this -> createUrl('sh') ?>



	return false;



Try moginn method. It is a good way for conditional ajax.

Thank You moginn!