Send data to other page

how can i send back my array(keys)
to my view

and print that in a gridview using arrayprovider.

This looks wrong in so many ways that I can’t even figure out your intention.

What are you trying to achieve (in a broader context)? And are you using Yii for what you are doing or plain PHP?

Hi Coksnuss, You are right. I’m using plain PHP, if I use some like this
I dont know how to solve this error. Can you help me plz

In order to use the Yii class you need to include Yii in your php code.

If you want to use Yii as the framework you should get familiar with how it works reading the “Getting Started” part of the Guide:

If you want to integrate Yii into your plain-PHP application, check this Guide page:

" Using Yii in Third-Party Systems"