Selenium Test close() in IE9 doesn't work --> workaround?

Hey guys,

I’ve got some selenium tests which need to close and reopen windows during the test. In chrome and firefox everything works find with the


command. But in IE it doesn’t work at all.

I also tried the following commands (all still working in firefox and chrome, but no reaction in IE):





$this->waitForCondition('window.close();', 5000);

Anyone solved this problem? Would be great if you could give me a hint!

Thanks a lot in advance,




Seems nobody had similar problems, but this looks like a specific selenium + IE problem not Yii related…

Yes, i know. I just thought, that someone would have had the same problem. In Selenium forums some people seem to have the same problem (seems to be something like a bug) … but a solution i havent found so far.