Selenium Phpunit Testing Without Db

Intro: I have a Yii webapp which I want to test using phpunit and selenium testing, but here is the catch, I do not use a DB. I communicate with an API which integrates with Yii’s activeRecord (ActiveResource, as it is my first post I cannot add a link to it).

Situation: So I have phpunit test working and I have a running Selenium stand alone server running as well. I do not use the FF plugin. I run it as a unit test:


class TestTest extends WebTestCase


    public $fixtures=array(



    public function testShow()



        // verify the sample post title exists


        // verify comment form exists





But it keeps trying to connect to the database, which doesn’t exist. My webapp works fine without the database connection so I know it doesn’t need it.


So what I want to know is whether it is actually possible (I am new to Yii, but lots of MVC experience)?

How can I "set it up" to not look for a DB resource?

Has anyone done this and maybe have a few pointers or guide etc?

thanks alot!