Select2Row Yiibooster Update

i’m having trouble of select2row since yesterday,.how can i fill the select2row on update form?Because when i try to update one record, the suspected values of select2row are not appearing,.

hoping for your help guys. :))

I’m experiencing the same problem. Help anyone?


I should have been saved as a string so you need to explode it back into an array so it can ready the data or it will only show only one and most of the time none.

public function actionUpdate()





	/*begin select2

    	Select2 needs to have saved data in an array or it will dump the data on the 	


    	my data is saved in a single field named tags like so

    	tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4, etc. so it needed to be exploded and converted to an array

    	hope this helps other people



		$model->tags = $posttags;

            	$posttags = explode(',', $model->tags);

	/*end selec2*/