Select query issue

Any idea why even if I select the id it still selects everything in the query:

$role = $this->with ( 'users' )->together ()->find 




		'select' => 'id',

		'condition' => 'user_id=:user_id',

		'params' => array ( ':user_id' => $user_id ),

		'limit' => 1,

		'order' => 'rank DESC'



This is the generated code:

system.db.CDbCommand.query(SELECT `WB_Roles`.`id` AS `t0_c0`, users.`id` AS `t1_c0`, users.`is_active` AS `t1_c1`, users.`email` AS `t1_c2`, users.`username` AS `t1_c3`, users.`password` AS `t1_c4`, users.`confirmation_code` AS `t1_c5`, users.`date_added` AS `t1_c6` FROM `WB_Roles` LEFT OUTER JOIN `wb_user_roles` users_users ON (`WB_Roles`.`id`=users_users.`role_id`) LEFT OUTER JOIN `WB_Users` users ON (users.`id`=users_users.`user_id`) WHERE (user_id=:user_id) ORDER BY rank DESC LIMIT 1)

Maybe I’m doing something wrong but it’s obvious that it extracts everything even if specified that only the id should be extracted,

API doc says:


I have the same doubt of manilodisan, I try to specify the ‘select’ fields in the relation definition and also in the ‘with’…->find but the same all the fields are extracted in the result array, the only utility is I can change the order of the fields extracted (so ‘name, id’ instead ‘id, name’), but is this the scope of select?