Select from db table where column has a couple of options

Im trying to filter an query, as some results are not needed I dont want them in the output, in my example im trying to select only the results from the table where to column ‘route’ = a blog, offer or faq, this works only if I use 1 condition, when I am more it does not return any data.

        $slugs = $query->select( 'a.language , a.translation , a.cms_module_id' )

                       ->from( ['a' => 'cms_module_translation'] )

                       ->leftJoin( ['b' => 'cms_module'] ,

                                    // below the filter conditions

                                    ' = a.cms_module_id AND b.route = "blog" AND b.route = "faq" AND b.route = "offer" ' )

                       ->where( ['b.is_deleted' => 0,

                                 'b.is_enabled' => 1,

                                 'a.attribute'  => 'slug'



As you wrote above you want ‘route’ to be blog OR offer OR faq… but in the query you put blog AND offer AND faq… so you get empty result ;)

When replacing the AND for OR it will output every line double and it will output everything so thats not working for some reason.

That’s a step further as before you where getting none :D

Did you pay attention to group those conditions like = a.cms_module_id AND (b.route = "blog" OR b.route = "faq" OR b.route = "offer")

Okay you have to group them…nice its now working. Thanks :slight_smile:

It all depends on your needs… in your case if you don’t group them the expresion would be the same as

( = a.cms_module_id AND b.route = "blog") OR b.route = "faq" OR b.route = "offer"

this way you get all "faq" and all "offer" but only "blogs" where id=cms_module_id, and that is not what you want so you need to group them properly