Select ... AS newColumn with CDbCriteria?


how can I create SELECT … AS statements with a criteria?

like …

$criteria->select = "CONCAT(a,<img src='' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='B)' /> AS c";

but this does not work.

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Did you try to declare a public variable in the model that uses that criteria? (in this case the variable must be called $c)

No, I just wanted to do some custom things in my SELECT statement, I do not want a public variable for that.

Maybe I have to stick with this:

You can probably do this with the combination of alias and CDbExpression.

mmm you ever find a solution? am hitting against the same wall :) I dont see how alias or CDBExpression can help ?

thanks Im having the same problem and now I can use the alias when I declared it as public variable on my model… thanks a lot

Don’t know it was that easy lol, thanks