Select and display dynamic value of dropdownlist

i want to display different messages on selection of different values of drop box …

i want to display different things according to the values selected in the dropbox … for eg

i have a drop box .which has values 1 ,2 ,3,

when i select 1 i want to display hello

when i select 2 i want to display hola

and when i select 3 i want to diplay namaste

if needed i will send my code … pls reply as soon as possible …

i know javascript code to do this . can you help me render it … or can you tell me how to do it in yii …


Wrote a piece of code for you and others who are interested…


$greetings  = array('hello' => 1, 'hola' => 2, 'namaste' => 3);

echo CHtml::dropDownList('greetings', '', $greetings, array('onChange' => '




<div id='status'>


This will do it :)