Seekng Yii Mentor (personal tutor)

I want to create a project where church leaders, of any religion, and charity organizations, can post several needs of truly needy individuals and families. Since they work closely with members of their communities, they would know who truly have real urgent needs.

Then people who can donate the services or goods needed will know where the needs are.

The idea is to coordinate the excess of the rich with the needs of the poor.

I want to help those who are in need of food, shelter, and clothing.

I will make this project available for free – so anyone from various regions of the world can use it to benefit their cities. There is no monetary profit from this project, only spiritual satisfaction.

Initially, I was going to create it with CodeIgniter (very helpful folks there) - but just now, I decided to go with Yii although its forum is "sometimes" slower to reply than CI, but it is a much friendlier group (however, to me it seems not too fond of newbies).

So that is the reason I am seeking a personal tutor – because getting replies like "read the guide" does not work for me. It is obvious that had I understood the guide, I would not waste anyone's time with questions. I prefer (and I think all newbies feel the same way) to be told " do this to get that, and see guide on where it says this" — that's how people learn.

But it's okay.

I really like Yii and one day I will be good enough to help newbies here … so that they do not move on to other frameworks. When you visit CI the forum will make sure you understand it well, and they will make you a pro quickly — but I feel Yii has more to offer, so I stick around here.


I know basic PHP, MySQL, and understand OOP and MVC concepts

I just need to better understand how to do configuring of Yii-created CRUD and a few other minor things

So… if you know Yii well – you dont need to be a pro –  and would take time to tutor me on this (mostly by email) I would appreciate it.

In return:

  1. Your name will be in the software credit also

  2. You can use my Yii-based hosting service for FREE

  3. You will feel the excitement of doing something charitablel for others

and …

  1. You will have priority for Yii web developments jobs my hosting company will subcontract in the future


  1. Perhaps we can team up and form a web software company

I am open to any comments, criticism, praise, or tips on how I should go about this in a better way.

Thank you for your time – and God bless you all

ps: I do use the forum – but many posts either go unanswered or reply takes too long

Nevertheless, I really love Yii and feel its creator is a real genious

Yii-Haw !!!