Seeking Yii Developer(S)

We are a group of 3 developers looking for another 1-2 Yii developers to work with us on developing a Yii app that accepts semi-custom online applications for open job positions, and gives application reviewers a set of tools for organizing and responding to those applications. These are normally for job positions or university applications, but also include academic conference or summer camp registrations, for example.

The first version of the project is about halfway completed, but there are still 3-6 months of work available for the right person(s). 3293


Necessary skills include:

  • Experience with the Yii framework & MySQL

  • jQuery experience

  • Basic linux server interactions

  • Good communication skills and documentation habits

Please PM me if interested in discussing further, or if you have any questions. Physical location is not important, just a good personality and a desire to create great software in a team environment - we have weekly meetings via Skype. We would be ready for you to start now, or in a couple weeks if you’re in the middle of a project.