Seeking Yii Coaching Immediately


I am looking for a Yii expert to help me learn Yii more quickly. I’d ask you questions over IM or email and you’d respond, ideally within an hour or two and at most within 24 hours.

I have a budget of $200 and would want about between 4-8 hours of help for that. I’m aware this is not a lot and is less than the hourly rate you deserve, but I have to make due with it, so you should probably be someone who enjoys teaching and helping for its own sake. Our sessions will be over the next 3-7 days. You would keep track of approximate time spent, and we’d do a check in after the first hour. If I felt that the time estimated was not worth it, I would pay you $35 and we wouldn’t continue any further.

I am a very experienced programmer and fast learner, and have worked with symfony and django and other web frameworks, but I am a newb to Yii. To get an idea of the kinds of questions I’d ask, see:

Thanks for your interest,


i understand that you want to learn Yii fast… but in my opinion the best way to get the basics is to follow the Definitive guide to Yii and if needed the Blog tutorial…

But not just read… .do the application while following the tutorial… you will get all the basics… and then we can continue on that…

hi you

I am expert Yii , please contact with me via skype : yiipro