Seeking Part Time (1-5 Hrs Week) Yii Developer

Seeking Part Time 1-5 hrs Week Yii Developer

Need: 1-5 hours a week, for the next 3-6 months (possibly longer)

Description of work: Please see the post below regarding what work we need done.


Small, private, CRM and database tracking site used for a team of 6 people.

We are currently near the end of Phase 1 (basics are functional, team accounts, layout, etc). We need Phase 1 completed and prepare for Phase 2, where we will start adding lots of additional functionality.






  • 2+ years experience with Yii

  • Able to design good looking code with little to no bugs

  • Strong English skills and occasionally available to chat during Pacific Standard Time (California).

  • Knowledge of GIT/ (used for tickets/tracking)

  • Use (used for tracking time worked)

Pay: $15 USD/hr.

To apply: email me your bio (a little about you and what you are currently doing) and resume with relevant job experience.

Contact: chip [dot] warner [ at ] gmail [dot] com

We are looking for someone who excels at style and design who can quickly revamp and fix our site.

Site layout/design upgrades

  1. CSS fixes for Internet Explorer 9+

  2. tweaks/fixes to jQuery Dialog (occasionally hides under the site’s top of page Search/Setting DIV–static full bar across the top)

  3. overall layout fixes for viewing layout on iPad/iPhones and Android phones.

  4. Standardize the look/feel of all our ‘tables’ (same font styles used in Headers, etc)

  5. fix/apply gradients, rounded corners, hover-glow, mouse-down glow, for Buttons, UI widgets, etc

We need someone responsible for the aesthetics ONLY. We need the site to look the same across all of the Browsers.

This should be easy work for someone talented in the aesthetics.

Please send me your resume (instructions above) and screen shots of high-quality "looking" projects you have done.