Seeking developer(s) for open source project

We are currently seeking talented Yii developer(s) to help us get our project up and running. Currently we have wasted a month or so tossing around ideas etc…and have went nowhere fast.

This is a "rough" idea on what our project will require:

  • CMS built with Yii ** (Example: drupal, concrete5)

  • Forums built with Yii ** (Example: ipb, smf, mybb)

  • CKeditor integration

  • Smarty Template Engine integration

Please let me know what the limitations (if any) of Yii…if the above cannot be achieved. I could go on and on about what we are looking to include but I figured interested parties would ask for more info.

Note: all the page ideas / concepts will be mocked up on photoshop for you to get a better understanding of what we are looking for. This will also foster an easier working environment for you on development.

[color="#FF0000"]Please submit a quote along with an estimated time of completion.[/color]

Check out yiiframework-co-il. It’s in the built with Yii forums.

I’m looking for something similar to Drupal too but getting hooks and what in place is something you’ll have to add in.

Forums, myBB is going to Yii but as of last look is still off in the distance.

Since your project is open source what are you trying to build?

We are trying to build an "all in one" package if you will for website authors. In short it will be a complete CMS.

I have personally used alot of cms’ in the past but have not liked this or that in each of them.

Drupal is a great cms but the permissions are crap…and the terminology is all wrong.

Wordpress is great with seo and easily updated but just about it always shy’s me away from fully embracing it.

Smf permissions are very easy and straight forward but even the 2.0 smf is too clunky.

Vbulletin was great until the buyout by IB and 4.0 came out…the license price is also on the high side.

Joomla is a sea of hacks and confusing terminology that can be simplified.

Concrete5 is an awesome web based cms but again something bugs me to not embrace it.

It will rely on: php5 and above, yii, jquery, ajax and mysql

Aren’t there about 15 yii-based CMSes already?

I dont like smarty

I have no idea but if you think of it like cars…how many different cars are there in the world? Some are good cars and some are bad cars, it’s all personal taste! There are many different cms’ based on yii and php in general but some are good and some are bad.

Thanks for the comment though. :)

I’m not a “Yii” developer yet, but have played with a lot of cms since the beginning of Internet time. Probably one of the oldest you might know is php nuke.

I’m actually looking for a cms to integrate with my next version of my opensource project.

Maybe we could exchange ideas.

If you dont want to post here what you ate thinking about pm me.

Hopefully this gets going quickly very soon!

Disregard - sorry.

This sounds somewhat similar to a yii-based project I’ve been working on for a few months (YUMPS), which I describe here:

and wiki here:

I’ve been focusing not so much on building a cms or forum, but building the common infrastructure code for such website services like that.

That looks very interesting, though I don’t care for the name too much…but hey to each there own lol.

I am still seeking a code base to "fork" and build upon…since I cannot retain a developer for our cms.