Security - YII

I am going to publish contact us like page though web. But I do not have registered users, that means any one can fill the form and send data.

I heard there are tools to generate input values and send to the server.

Do I need to maintain session? Are there security risk of using my method? Those are the things came to my mind as a yii2 learner. Please advise me.

Thank in advance


Anyone would be able to send emails to admin via this form. That is what is it for, isn’t it?

Thank you for your reply, appreciate.

I am new to YII, the form I made not to get emails; it collects data, as I said without registration,

Is there any security risk or can anyone send thousands of queries using a tool. In my experience with pure PHP when there a query string we I could sent data using a web address without using form.

Please advice

Thanks again


Thank you