secure poll

How can I create a secure poll with just ONE vote for each user without registration?

The only way I see at the moment is to use an email + activationKey.

Any ideas?

You have to verify/store user identity somehow. I’d use SMS for that if having a budget.

The "just ONE vote" part would need a table for votes. When a vote comes in, search the table for a previous vote. If no previous vote, create a mew record. If previous vote, change previous vote to new one.

You requirement for a “Secure Poll” without registration seems contradictory. :) However, you could look at what comes in on the HTTP request (IP Address, Browser, etc.) and use some combination to filter the search through the vote table.

This would still be a problem: What if I vote from work AND at home. How to account for many people voting from a corporate office, all would probably have the same IP and same browser.

Another question would be if no registration…How to get Activation Key.

Another option would be a cookie with Poll ID and a Boolean for hasVoted.

Maybe this will help point you in a direction that works.

Doing it without registration is feasible. The hard part is being sure that a person votes only once. Whatever it is you use as an identity, how do you ensure that one person doesn’t have several of them?

I might have several email addresses, several phone numbers, lots of google and facebook sock puppets, and so on.

You can’t eliminate these possibilities. You can reduce the incidence but it will make the voting process more inconvenient.

I just seemed that “Secure Poll” accessed in an “Unsecure” why was the contradictory part :)