"secure Password Hashing With Bcrypt" Wiki Article

Does the method described in this wiki article even work? Entered passwords never match saved passwords as far as I can see.

Better try this article. And if you want to make your life really easy, use the CPasswordHelper class that got introduced in the last release of Yii.

What are the advantages to using your extension?

I don’t provide an extension for that, phpass is not by me. CPasswordHelper might be a bit faster, as phpass has been built to work under nearly all circumstances. On top of that, it’s hassle-free as it comes with Yii.

I also advise using CPasswordHelper, it’s using proven and secure methods of hashing passwords.

There is no difference between phpass and CPasswordHelper in this regard ;)

I wrote the article, yes it does work.

However, I’ve since moved to using the phpass extension and now will be using the built in hasher from this point forward. Simplify!