search is broken today

FWIW: the search boxes, at least on the extensions page and the forums pages, are not working today. After getting no hits for what I was searching for originally, I tried 3 browsers using simple searches like ‘user’ and ‘menu’ all return no hits like:

Your search - menu - did not match any documents.

The front page search however is working.

We had a problem with the server… the search indexes where corrupted… that’s why the search was not working…

Not fixed yet.

Any idea when it’s fixed? :)

May I issue a feature request:

Could you hide the posts in the old Yii 1.0 subforum by default?

I’ve noticed the results will show up if the search button is clicked more than once.


On august 24 it would not work at all but once it came back later that day I noticed the same thing as you Tommy: initial search returned zero hits, then search again for same thing gave hits. Thought maybe it was my browser but tried 3 others all with same results. Been doing the nots first time most days since then and yet today right now its working just fine.

Today wiki search is broken.

For instance if I search for wordpress in the wiki search box it gives no hits yet I can see an article in the second page of the how tos with wordpress in the title:

Integrating Wordpress and Yii: yet another approach.

Sadly repeating the search in this case does not fix things.

Should file a bug about these search issues?

Don’t bother.

It is broken, it has been broken - it is always broken.

Wiki, forum, extensions…

Personally, I use Google now. ;)

Thanks. that is a bit sad. I really like Yii. Oh well google it is. ::)