Search, from CRUD interface, never returns

I use Gii to generate CRUD classes, and having been using the generated CRUD for some time now without problems.

Today, I went to the "admin" view which corresponds to a very small database table that I have.

I input a string into the "first_name" field, and clicked enter to start the search.

The "progress" image displayed, as usual…but this time, it NEVER CAME back. I.e., no search results, and the progress give never stops displaying.

I haven’t tested search in a long time, so it’s hard to know what I might have changed that led to this.

Nothing at all appears in the logs–no error, no output such as querying on tables. It’s like the request never got received at all.

To see if my "actionAdmin" function ever got hit, I threw in some log statements. Nope. Nothing.

Ideas, anyone?



Be sure that the field you are searching is enabled / setted up in your model’s search method

Hi Gustavo,

Yes, it’s definitely enabled.

This isn’t just happening to me on ONE page. ALL of my generated CRUD is behaving this way now. I can’t search any page. So, it’s not just a matter of forgetting to make a field searchable…

Which version of Yii are you using ?

If you just updated be sure to clean up the assets folder

Also check in firebug if the request is sent to the server in the console tab , and the response, if its empty or what


You were right! I haven’t run Firebug in a while (since I write error-free code :D

Once I got Firebug working, it reported the issue in the console: a faulty line if javascript.