Search Form


I’m unable to find in the documentation something about a search widget / search form.

Something somewhat classical in a website.

Am I wrong or is there someting i didn’t see in the doc?


What should this widget do, except showing a simple search textfield? It totally depends on the content of your application how search should be performed and how results should be displayed.

I mean a local search engine.

I think it is somewhat generic

You indicate the tables and columns on which you want to grep the expression provided through the input text field and the plugin/widget searchs and returns rows…

exactly what i’ve been looking for. no one has given me an accurate answer yet. in my case i want to search just about anything in my $content.

What a coincidence, I started yesterday to develop an extension equal to your idea I am testing it now, and probably I will publish it next Monday.

Hi, is this extension already available?

A year later, sorry … better late than never :)


How can I search at several models at once?