Search form

someone can tell me how do I make a search because I do not is automatically generated with Yii ?Thank you…

There is no auto generated search feature built-in Yii. You will have to custom code it to fit your needs.

It would be good if this could be auto-generated in Yii :)

But in the last version yes…

this link to create first application in yii insert also the advanced research but with my framework yii nooo…:frowning:

Something like this will be hard to implement since search can have an unlimited amount of search-able fields and types. One application will have a search with a title and a name while the other will have completely different fields.

As kitty10 said, a search form is generated when you use the CRUD scaffolding. Have a look at the screen captures under the CRUD title of the above link.

You’ll need to customize this search. For instance, disable AJAX, remove some fields from the search… But it’s already useful as it is.

Exactly…is all genereted automatically.

But in my form not does not work…and i don’t understand why…:frowning:

if I follow the testdrive example it works if I then apply to my oracle db, the form of search appears … but no when I click the Search button