search expression

in prado there is TDbCommandBuilder->getSearchExp​ression method. how can this be done in yii?

Yii doesn't have it at the moment, as I'm not quite sure how to design the usage of it. In prado, this is only used in scaffolding.

Maybe you can create a ticket and describe how you would like to use it?

creating ticket requires a google account? i don't have one at the moment.

the situation is: i am implementing "search" in my crud command. when it generates views, list view should be generated with a generic textfield on top of the list. when one types text inside it and submit, the list should be filtered by the text in the textfield. every column of the model associated with the list should be searched.

do you think is it a feature that should have the yii crud command? otherwise i will implement it inside mine

Perhaps not into yiic crud since it's a bit complex and may make the code generated by "yiic crud" hard to customize. Once the extension repository is ready, you may post your command class as an extension to support this feature.

i thought about this thing.

i agree with you that crud shoud not generate nothing more that crud!

but a method of CModel that return search exp​ression of the model should be great: it receives what to search and returns the where clause with "LIKE". as in prado.

what do you think about?