Search engine friendly urls


I’m new to Yii, loving it but have some questions - any help much appreciated!

Have set up config/main.php and .htaccess to show urls in path format and am not showing index.php

Have set up a page model and configured it in gii.

Before using Yii, I would have, /services etc which in Yii terms are (and say 2 for services). I’ve forced Yii to do the same, but I’m not entirely sure I’ve done the correct thing, particularly when I add new models. Can you provide some advice as to the correct way to do this?

If I then add 2 new models, for example news and news_category, I would want to be able to have urls such as … given that I’m not sure if I’ve done the right thing for the page model, can you point me in the right direction for cases where I want to be able to display an unspecified number of categories, sub categories and then the item?

Many thanks