Scroll CGridView with fixed columns and rows

I would like to implement in CGridView an automatic scroll (vertical and horizontal).

So I should set CgridView with a fixed height and width and when the number of columns or rows go over the fixed width or height the scrollbars should appear.

Furthermore I would like to be possible to fix the header (and if possible also the footer) during the vertical scroll and to fix the first "x" left columns during the horizontal scroll.

I see that jqGrid has this functionalities, anyone has never faced this problem with CGridView or have an example on how to implement it? (I think it should be a good standard feauture for the CGridView)


Something like Scrollable HTML table plugin for jQuery, or no?

Yes that’s a good sample, the problem is that this plugin doesn’t make an horizontal scroll (only vertical), however you give me a right suggestion, I’m looking for a jquery plugin to find out something closer to my needs

However, as suggestion to Qiang, I think CGridView as standard feature/property should give possibility to:

  • set dimension of grid and columns

  • scroll Horizontally and Vertically maintaining fixed header, footer and left columns

  • resize with the mouse the columns width

  • indicate in the Clinkpager the number of rows to show for every page


It’s custom logic, if you need it - you can extend CGridView and create your own widget


I am also looking for a solution for such a problem. I want to add scrollbars to CGridView.

Anyone please help.


I placed the CGridView in IFrame tag to make it scrollable but still one issue unresolved. How to freeze the headers of the grid??

Please help


Any solutions for make freeze column???