Screencast web blog with Yii

I’m waiting for Video Tutorial “Build PHP & MySQL Blog with Yii Framework on 20 minute”.  ;)

Hey, nice idea! Why don’t you create one?  ;)

Becouse I’m whom need that video… ;D

:D just a joke, sorry I couldn’t resist :D

I think you will have to be satisfied with the Definitve Guide for another 1-2 month because the core developers are very busy working on the first beta-release. The advantage with the guide is that it is updated according to the development.


I really appreciate the hard work for screen cast, but the screen keep moving, I really can’t focus on it and make me headache. I hope the author can redo it and make it more focus. I suggest author refer by the author Jeffrey Way. His screencast is clear and easy to understand.

Thank you. I continue support Yii Framework

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The actual Yii screencasts are here -