Schema Refresh Not Effective For My Query Cache

After creating a record in manufacturer table, I try to clear the query cache which loads all manufacturers in a dropdown box, by using the following statement.

Yii::app()->db->schema->getTable('manufacturer', true); 

But it is not clearing the cache created by the following query loading the dropdown box: The old manufacturers are still being displayed. The newly added manufacturer is not shown. In the log also, I verified that the cache was being used.

public function getAllManufacturers()


    $sql = 'SELECT id, name FROM manufacturer WHERE store_id =:store_id ORDER BY name';

    $cmd = Yii::app()->db->cache(72000)->createCommand($sql); //20 hours cache

    $cmd->bindValue(':store_id', Yii::app()->session["current_store_id"], PDO::PARAM_INT);

    return $cmd->queryAll();


View Call:

 <?php echo $form->dropDownList($model,'manufacturer_id', CHtml::listData(Manufacturer::model()->getAllManufacturers(), 'id', 'name'), array('prompt'=>'Select Manufacturer')); ?>

However, the following stmt works, but it clears all query caches.


I am using memcache with schemaCachingDuration set to 72000 in db component

'cache' => array 


     'class' => 'CMemCache', // Use CApcCache, which is faster, if using a single server. 


                        array('host'=>'localhost', 'port'=>11211,),





    'connectionString' => 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=storemgr',

    'emulatePrepare' => true,  

    'schemaCachingDuration' => 72000, //20 hours