Hey there. I love the yii idea, and the support, the feel. I just don’t enjoy the depression that follows hours of no being able to find an answer to a simple answer (if only I actually was more experienced and knew what to search for.

I am using mysql, so the Blog Tutorial recommended using their schema to run the creates and inserts. The demo user works great. However, in the latest version, I can’t find the INSERT admin, password, salt, email line similar to:

INSERT INTO tbl_user (username, password, salt, email) 




I swore I had seen it before, and checked one of the several (thousand 7zips) and can’t find one which includes a default admin.

My knowledge of is slim, and to me, salt still belongs in a shaker. So please forgive my nubidity (trust me, its a word, you just have the abridged version of google).

Bottom line:

[font="Arial Black"]How do I hardcode an admin into my mysql db, in the tbl_user table? I assume its very similar to the above code I posted.[/font]

Very much appreciate the help guys, and really enjoy moving into my first framework. Forgive me if this is this question makes your temples hurt due to the easy answer I missed, but I’ve spent a few hours looking for the answer in the wrong places before I posted.