Saving Through Cjuitabs Widget

Hello coders,

Here’s my issue

The background

I have a 10 page application form i am supposed to put online


since the form is very long i have divided them into tabs

As expected,i’ve rendered each view partially through these tabs. Each tab has its

own model

There must be only ONE save button

unfortunately I can’t seem to save ,as the submit button won’t work which ever way i


i have brainstormed,googled,and tried alternate approaches to no avail


I’ll appreciate any help given or any other alternatives that could be suggested with

accompanying source code at the model,controller and view levels(i pray so)

Thanks very much again in advance


Why don’t you use the form wizard extension?

Or if you want to roll your own, here are the steps that have to be done:

You need to save form state along the way. That could be in session, or you could do it with multiple models and validation using scenarios (step1, step2, etc).

At the end, if there are no errors, you display a save button on the last page only.

is there a beginForm()-call?

is there a endForm()-call?

is there a submit button?

in your action var_dump() your post

display errormessages

lets see some of your code