Saving multiple times in DB for One time form submission

I have a form.

After submitting this form i want to save the data for multiple times in DB.

Is it possible or not.

If yes then how?

I am facing problem.

If you want to save data multiple times in one table, you can do something like:

//In your model. It can be beforeSave() or afterSave() - as you wish:

public function afterSave(){

$model = new self( $this->scenario );

$model->attributes = $this->attributes;

if ( self::$stopSaving!==true ) {

self::$stopSaving = false; //or another condition to avoid infinite loop



else return true;


public static $stopSaving; //indicator whether to continue saving new models or not

Thanks for quick reply.

I want to be more specific.

I want to continue loop to the value of a variable which is in the form.

So then…