Saving items in a findAllByAttributes?

When I retrieve records with this, what is possible as far as working with the records and saving them?

Is each record then an object that I can use like this?

$mySomeModels = Some::model()->findAllByAttributes(array('val1'=>0,'val2'=>1,'val3'=>0);

foreach($mySomeModels as $someModel){

    $someModel->val4 = 1;



Any ‘findAll’ in Yii should return an array of model objects, and U can use each of them like U normally would. So U can do like U wrote.

Thanks, I was hoping that’s how it worked. I couldn’t tell if it was an array of objects or not when I just did a print_r but hoped that was the case.

findAll returns an array of objects you can just loop thru and manipulate them