Saving display order in many_many junction table

In my project I have two tables in a many_many relationship:

Template (id, templateName)

Item (id, itemName)

Template_Item (id, templateId, itemId)

The idea is that you create a template and assign Items to it. A ‘complete’ template is one that has a bunch of stuff attached to it. You can think of it as a tasklist where the template is the type of tasklist (Build Garage, Fix Car) and the Items are tasks on the list.

Since Items can be used on muliple Templates I setup a junction table with many to many.

The problem I’m having now is that I need to display the Items on a template in order.

My first thought was to add a sortOrder field to the junction table Template_Item.

However, a guy on another post suggested that if I do this I don’t really have a MANY_MANY relationship but rather two sets of HAS_MANY relationships, ie:

Template HAS_MANY Template_Item

Item HAS_MANY Template_Item

Template_Item BELONGS_TO Template (and Item)

How should this be modeled?

You should absolutely read about through in The Definitive Guide to Yii.