save() stopped working in 1.1.16


I have a pretty simple form that updates a few fields of an existing row in the database. All was working absolutely fine in 1.1.15, but after an update to 1.1.16 when I call $model->save() it returns true, but the row isn’t updated in the database.

I don’t have any overridden methods in the model (eg beforeValidate(), beforeSave(), etc). getErrors() is empty, ->validate() also returns true. I’m completely stumped. I can’t see anything obvious in the changelog that could cause it.

Other tables in my application are still updating fine, it’s just this one that isn’t. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, hence the query here first.



I regenerated the model code in Gii and it now works! I can’t see anything obvious why, and still think it should throw some sort of errors, but at least I can get on with things now. Cheers :)