Save Models


I have two models, sale and stock. When I save new sale entry then I add entry in stock table in database as well. When I update sale entry (actionUpdate) then in stock table it inserts new entry, but I want to update current record in stock table (not inserting new entry).Following is my update sale code:


public function actionUpdate($id)






		if($model->save(false)) {

$aData = array("sale_id"=>$model->id, "product_id"=> $_POST['Sale']['productid']

						,"sale_price"=>$_POST['Sale']['sale_price'], "sale_quantity"=> $_POST['Sale']['sale_quantity']);








public function actionSaveStock($aData) {

		$stock = new Stock();

		$stock->module_id = Constants::STOCK_SALE;

		$stock->master_id = $aData["sale_id"];

		$stock->product_id = $aData["product_id"];

		$stock->description = "Sale Product";

		$stock->sale_price = $aData["sale_price"];

		$saleQty = 0;

		$saleQty = $aData["sale_quantity"];

		$stock->stock_out = $saleQty;


		if($stock->save(false)) return true; 

		else return false;


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To update stock you have to loaded it not to create new one.

Something like this

$stock = $this->loadStock($aData["sale_id"]);


$stock = new Stock();

My advice is to make some relations between sale and stock. I think it would be better.