Save model several times! How?! [ Urgent ]


I have one model that contains array of values. I need to save this model several times - every record differs only by the value of array. For example array contains {17, 3, 9} so I want to have 3 record in my DB. How can I do this?

count the array

then use the for loop or while or foreach

and save the record as


Thaks for reply, I did it this way, but there where problem. Its solved now :)

how do you solve you problem . its my problem now …

here is my code


                  // return;

                    //print_r($_POST['komponent']);   //  [0] => a [1] => b 

                    foreach ($_POST['komponent'] as $kompon):

                    $mod = array("komponent" => $kompon);

                    //ECHO $kompon."</br>";

                    print_r($mod); //Array ( [komponent] => Array ( [0] => a [1] => b ) )

                    $modelb->attributes= $mod;




when i look the array output look like this .

Array ( [komponent] => aaaa ) Array ( [komponent] => bbb ) Array ( [komponent] => vvvv )

but when i see the stored database just the last recored stored :(

need your help

If you call the first time, CActiveRecord.isNewRecord will be set to false. All following calls will then update the inserted record instead of creating a new one. A quick-‘n’-dirty hack would be to set isNewRecord to true within your loop. But really, it were much better to just create a new model and save that B)

yeah … now i know what i miss …

so i will try with for loop :)

thanks you :)