Save data what I have when logging in facebook

Im logged to facebook through facebook widget and some manipulation in my code. In result I have button for login and it work! But I want to send user data to another view but now when I login in nothing happening (I see only index.php file, not my ‘say’ view) :(

What can I do to save this data and show in another view?

Im trying to do like this:

In my controller

public function actions() {

    return [

        'auth' => [

            'class' => 'yii\authclient\AuthAction',

            'successCallback' => [$this, 'oAuthSuccess'],




public function oAuthSuccess($client) {

    $userAttributes = $client->getUserAttributes();

    return $this->render('say', [

        'first_name' => $userAttributes['first_name'],

        'last_name' => $userAttributes['last_name'],



in View


use yii\helpers\Html;


<?= Html::encode($first_name) ?>

<?= Html::encode($last_name) ?>