Save Current Date After Confirm


What I’m trying to do is very simple: when I click “Cerrar reclamo” (close claim) and confirm, I want to set “Día Cierre” (closing date) attribute with the current date.

I have this in my view.php:


	array('label'=>'Listar Mis Reclamos', 'url'=>array('index')),

	array('label'=>'Actualizar Reclamo', 'url'=>array('update', 'idReclamo'=>$model->idReclamo, 'cliente_idCliente'=>$model->cliente_idCliente)),

	array('label'=>'Cerrar Reclamo', 'url'=>'close', 


	                                           'idReclamo'=>$model->idReclamo, 'cliente_idCliente'=>$model->cliente_idCliente),

									'confirm'=>'¿Está seguro que desea dar por cerrado este Reclamo?')),


This is my action in the controller:

public function actionClose($idReclamo, $cliente_idCliente)


		$model=$this->loadModel($idReclamo, $cliente_idCliente);


		//What do I need to put here?




	                    'idReclamo'=>$model->idReclamo, 'cliente_idCliente'=>$model->cliente_idCliente));


I don´t know how to update that specific attribute…

I really would apreciate your help!


Dear Friend

Put something like this.

$model->closing_date=date('Y/m/d');//It will insert the current date.

Thanks! It works!