Sass/scss In Yii2

Hey Guys,

i started to use Yii2 since few weeks ago and it’s awesome!!

But I have one problem. I want to use sass/scss in a new projekt, but it somehow doesnt work.

I use the yii2-asset-converter and when i am trying to cenvert the scss-file, the following error is thrown:

[i]Class @app/extensions/assetparser/vendors/phamlp/sass/SassParser does not exist


I am checking the path ../phamlp/ and noticed, that the Folder sass resp. SassParser.php doesnt exists.

The SassParser.php is located in the extension vendor/richthegeek/phpsass, which is required by yii2-asset-converter.

I have tried out some paths like:

[i]@ vendor/richthegeek/phpsass or


But it doesn’t worked.After a lot of unsuccessful attempts i hope some of you know how to solve the problem.

PS:I use the advanced app template

Nobody else use SASS in Yii2?

what about composer did you try installing it thru composer