Saas (Software As A Service) Application

Hi there,

Have any one working on SAAS application in yii. I wanted to develop one application that will server to many clients.

Please suggest me the best approach, possible approaches for SASS application are.

  1. One user - One application - One Database.

  2. Multiple users - Common application - multiple database.

  3. Multiple users - Common application - Common database.

Please suggest which approach will be suitable for YII.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Multiple users - Common application - multiple database.

this will be best approach i think.

Actually we have just created a SaaS based multi channel order and inventory management software but as per my knowledge of internet marketer, I am a newbie of yii.

Read this wiki: A Multi-Tenant Strategy using Yii and MySQL.

Don’t simply follow any suggestion regarding the data architecture because it really is dependent on your application; one size doesn’t fit all. Review the Microsoft article referred to in the wiki.