s3slider's Problem

[font="Times New Roman"]

bro , help me please , my image isn’t appear in my browser, is my code true ???

i make the picture’s news in [font=“Comic Sans MS”]E:\xampp\htdocs\forumm\news[/font]




foreach($dataProvider->getData() as $i=>$ii)








              'images' => $terserah,

              'width' => '590',

              'height' => '375',




:( :-[ :unsure:

It’s good practice to write your code in English.

Have a look at the network activity and see if there are any 404.

please tell to me, what’s it wrong ???

help me bro… :-[ :-[

I’m not going to tell you what’s wrong - I’ll help you to figure it out.

Go to your browser’s Developer Tools (F12) and check the network tab to see if there are any 404s.

this is appearing in my browser master … :mellow:



Now you know which URL is causing the 404.

What would the URL need to look like to work? What do you need to type into your browser to see the image?

jquery-ui.css not found, and i download the jquery,but it’s not happen anyhting, or beacause i have yii 1.14 master ???

and what has the jquery-ui.css registered in my ‘yii’ master ???

Your issue (for now) is not jquery, it’s “1.png”.

it isn’t show anything master…



If the image is being loaded but not displayed, locate it in the DOM (use your Developer Tools) and find out why.

this is the error master …




in s3slider.php , line : 71

.s3slider(timeOut : 4000);";

must be

.s3slider({timeOut : 4000});";

:) :) :)