Hi there, is a new Yii powered website publishing selected free flash games.

Development has been done with Yii-trunk and this is mainly the result of 3 weeks of spare-time work (planning and coding).

While working with this website I really get a feeling of how efficient Yii Framework can be when you just want to get the job done. Having a such solid framework of choice let me really use my time efficiently and focus on the end-product instead of caring about all kinds of technical details.

Hope you like :)

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Nice!! I don’t play flash games often, but this looks really nice.

BTW, I’ve always wondered, how does one go about getting games for these sites? A few years ago I researched this a bit but was inconclusive… Do you just torrent them (I only thought of this just now and there seems to be some torrents up there… cool)?

Nice website. How much websites on Yii framework you have ? Not looking to sell me one ?

Very well!

Works really fast


show urlManager rules ?