Running Daily Jobs

I have a need to run some jobs on a nightly basis. I currently have a model that uses a Yii view with a button to start the process. The process calls an external website and transfers data in a json, then I parse the json and store the data in the database. It works pretty well.

I need to do this in an automated manner. I could implement this at the operating system level with scripts and cron, I can easilly get the data and store the json, but then parsing the json and pushing the data to the database might be more difficult.

I would like to setup a Yii console ( i use this, but not sure exactly what a Yii console is) for jobs, I have seen a few things in the forum and extensions but not sure I have found what I think will work. This way I can see the jobs and a log of what has run. Not sure I need anything very elaborate, but just looking for the right way to do this.

Anyone with ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

With PHP, you can make an HTTP PUT request to store your JSON on the destination website.

Thank you Sensorario ! This is helpful!