Running Cron In subfolder ?

I have the following setup

- console

--- controllers

----- SampleControoler

----- Mydir


Running cron works for the sample contoller like:

php yii sample/index

However I cannot seem to get it working for the ones in mydir

php yii mydir/mysample/index

unknown command… "mydir/mysample/index"

Any ideas?

have you set the right namespace?Also you write console,do you mean commands?

namespace app\commands\Mydir;

Thanks for your reply, yes the namespace was correct… and I do mean the console

- backend

- common

- console <== this one

- frontend

For others with the same problem… this solved it


- controllers

-- Cron

shell      : php yii cron\email/index

cron:  /usr/local/bin/php -q  sitepath/subfolder/yii cron\email/index

oops…sorry about this… still not working


php yii cron\email/index

php yii cron/email/index

both do not work to start the script

Finally got it working, it was the mix of captials taht was confusing me

php yii Cron/dst_cleanup/index

path/foldermain/yii Cron/dst_cleanup/index



-- controllers

---- Cron (!)

namespace console\controllers\Cron;

class Dst_cleanupController