run yii migrate command in cmd


I am trying to implement RBAC from

I am stuck at :


Before you can go on you need to create those tables in the database. To do this, you can use the migration stored in @yii/rbac/migrations:

yii migrate --migrationPath=@yii/rbac/migrations


im my cmd prompt

c:\wamp\www\myapp\vendor\yiisoft\yii2>yii migrate --migrationPath=@yii/rbac/migrations

I get this error :

Yii Migration Tool (based on Yii v2.0.2)

Exception ‘yii\base\InvalidConfigException’ with message ‘Unknown component ID: db’

in C:\wamp\www\myapp\vendor\yiisoft\yii2\di\ServiceLocator.php:136

What did I missed?

You should add DB component in console.php

Thank You Abed.

After playing with it aimlessly… I found it out all I have to do is to run yii at the root of the app. (I am using Advanced Template