Run Query from form and display data in a view

I want to get these details as per the filled up details in a form

$row = Yii::app()->db->createCommand(array( 'select' => array('id', 'logins', 'age', 'type', 'type2', 'type3', 'type4', 'type5', 'type6', 'type7', 'type8', 'type9'),   

'from' => 'member_details',

    'where' => 'id=:id','id<:age1 or id>:age2','type=:type','type2=:type2','type3=:type3','type4=:type4','type5=:type5','type6=:type6','type7=:type7','type8=:type8','type9=:type9',


 'params' => array(':age1'=>$age1,':height'=>$height2,':id'=>$type,':type2'=>$type2,':type3'=>$type3,':type4'=>$type4,':type5'=>$type5,':type6'=>$type6,':type7'=>$type7,':type8'=>$type8,':type9'=>$type9),


Two ages will be selected in the form age which is less than and age which is greater than.

Is the age query condition right?