Rules Url And Chtml

I have a problem

  • I have a action in SiteController

    [b] public function actionHello($test)

         echo $test;
     } [/b]
  • Rules in urlManager

    [b] 'rules'=>array(


    get url: localhost/project/post/abc => It works

  • But, When i use CHtml in SiteController => actionIndex()

      [b]echo CHtml::link('Links',array('post','test'=>'abc'));[/b]
          //output: localhost/project/site/post/test/abc  => error
      [b]echo CHtml::link('Links',array('[b]/post[/b]','test'=>'abc'));[/b]
          //output: localhost/project/post/test/abc  => error

    I want to get output by Chtml: localhost/project/post/abc, How?


You should pass the route:

CHtml::link('Links', array('site/hello', 'test'=>'abc'));

Thank you ;D