Rules to webservice

(Foruns) #1

Hello friends.

I need to create a webservice that will receive request of web app and app mobile. The webservice will return response in json.

But the user need to authorization to request data from webservice. What’s the better way to create this rules using Yii 1.x? How can I do to user that use app mobile, login in my webservice, request and receive data? I never created webservice using authorization. My first time and I would like suggestion and tutorial or documentation.

(Selvakumar Kaliyappan) #2

Hi Alexandre Carmo,

This links may be helpful for you. Web service doumentations, wiki, tutorial, tutorial 2 and

(Foruns) #3

Very good. Thanks

(vitocourt) #4

I did the step by step and now I have connection with my server.

But, when I want to send an array the server response say

Catchable fatal error: Object of class MediosDePago could not be converted to string in C:\wamp\www\serviceBonerp.php on line 8

It only works with an string variable.

How can I send an array and read it in my webservice?