RSS/XML Parser for PHP?

SimpleXML Parser is terrible, it’s almost easier to parse the xml manually than to use their output…

I found php_rss, but version 1 (free version) doesn’t work with youtube’s playlist rss feed…

Can anyone recommend a parser that basically just takes RSS/XML and converts it in to an array?

Thanks! :)

Have you had a look at xml2array()?

There’s also MagicParser, but that costs £50

Have you taken a look at SimplePie ( It’s a BSD licensed class. You can use it as a basis for a newsfeed module (RSS and Atom) and a syndication portlet for your own content.

Whats you’re issues with simple xml, its pretty… simple. I do personally prefer to use DOM but thats because i tend to do some advance parsing with xml but have used simple xml and found it pretty self explanatory. There are lots of alternatives like xml_parser and you can use xml_parse_into_struct.

Well, you can print the xml to the DOM and use phpQuery I guess, but SimpleXML is indeed rather simple and I’ve never had any issues with it :P