routing to a specific user folder

Hello everybody,

I am reconstructing CMS (flexica) to have multiple front ends, instead of one front end.

Under /protected I have created a directory /users where I put list of directories corresponding to each user.

Now when I write, for example, ‘’ it should go to johns page, but it responds with an error ‘Unable to resolve the request “john”.’ This is not a behaviour I am satisfied with…

I know that I have to make changes to controllers, but I have a username which “changes” and next time can be, for example, ‘luke’ and so the controller must be dynamic?

Could you please point me to the direction of salvation in this situation? :)

Is really hard to immagine to use Yii route for achive this result.

Yii system need an address like controller/action/param/value and so on.

If you want to change this structure completely, I guess you have to write your own url manager, but I have no idea about how to do.

On the other hand, I am quite sure that this is not achivable with standard Yii methods.

thank you for your reply.

what i need is basically that Yii would ignore ‘john’ part and load page as it is:

when a user enters, all what is happening is that i take ‘john’ and load ‘john_db’ database. i fill in the same website with data from johns database.

so i just need that Yii would take and load regular Thats it.

when browsing 'john’s page, the website should look like or or… Just like in regular case (by default now is),,

need help with that…